UGC - NET - Commerce Notes

Mar 19, 2009
Business Environment

  1. What is business ?
  2. Main Concept and Objective of Business
  3. What is business environment?
  4. Elements of business environment and its explanation by presentation
  5. Explanation of economic environment in simple words
  6. New Industrial policies of India
  7. Legal environment of business in India and List of Different Indian Acts which affect business
  8. The Consumer Protection Act 1986 and its main provisions and features
  9. IMF and its objectives, functions and membership
  10. World bank or IBRD
  11. GATT and its functions and policies
  12. WTO and its functions and policies
  13. Social Environment of Business and Its main elements
  14. Social Responsibility of Business and Points in Favour and Against of it
  15. What is Technological Environment and Its Status in India ?
  16. Transfer of Technology and its main method
  17. What are Main Economic Policies? Discuss Its Critical Role?
  18. Definition of Monetary Policy . What are Main Objectives of Monetary Policy ? Discuss its Instruments and Technique for Credit Control .
  19. What is Fiscal Policy ? What are The Objectives of Fiscal Policy ? What are The Main Techniques of Fiscal Policy ? What are Limitation of Fiscal Policy ?
  20. Presentation of Social Responsibility of Business
  21. Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice (MRTP ) Act 1969 and its Provisions
  22. Main Provisions of Competition Act 2002
  23. What is Information Technology Act 2000? What are Its Scope And Objectives? What are Its Main Provisions? Discuss Its Advantages And Shortcomings.
  24. What is FEMA 2000 ? What are Its Main Objectives ? What are Main Provisions of FEMA 2000
  25. What are The Development Banks ? What are Its Features , Functions and Lending Procedures ?
  26. Structure of Financial Institute in India
  27. What is FTDR Act 1992 and What are Its Provisions ?
  28. What is ISO ? Explain its Standards ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 . Discuss Its Objectives , working and Versions
  29. What is the NGO ? Discuss Its Type , Role And Legal Status ? Explain Various Methods in Which NGO Operates

Financial & Management Accounting

  1. What is financial Accounting
  2. What is management accounting?
  3. What are General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?
  4. Accounting Standards in India – Simple Explanation - Part one (AS 1 to AS 4 )
  5. Accounting Standards in India - Simple explanation ( AS 5 to AS 8 ) Part second
  6. Accounting Standards in India – Simple Explanation - Part third (AS 9 to AS 12 )
  7. Accounting of Investment under AS 13
  8. Accounting treatment for amalgamation under AS - 14
  9. Accounting treatment of retirement benefits ( AS 15 )
  10. Simple definition of borrowing cost - Read and learn ( AS 16 )
  11. Accounting Standards in India – Simple Explanation – Segment reporting (AS 17)
  12. Accounting Standard in India 18 – Simple explanation (AS 18 )
  13. Accounting standard 19 - Leases and its Accounting Treatment ( AS 19 )
  14. Accounting Standard 20 - free full versions - Earning Per Share (AS 20 )
  15. Accounting standard 21 - Simplified - Consolidated financial statement – AS 21
  16. Easy Explanation of Accounting Standard 22 - Accounting for Tax of Income
  17. Simple Explaination of Accounting Standard 23
  18. Accounting Standard 24 ( AS 24 ) - Discontinuing Operations
  19. Accounting Standard 25 - Interim financial Reporting
  20. Intangible Assets in Accounting Standard 26
  21. Unsophisticated Explanation of Financial Reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures ( AS 27)
  22. Simplified Accounting Standard 28 - AS 28 – Impairment of Assets
  23. How to calculate the value of Share
  24. What is the Holding Company ?
  25. How to prepare Consolidated Balance Sheet of Holding Company

Paper - III ( B)

( Elective / Optional )

Elective - 1 Accounting and Finance

  1. Money market - The way of Indian development
  2. simplified definition of capital market
  3. Working of Stock Exchanges in India
  4. Security Exchange board of India(SEBI ) and its powers
  5. National Stock Exchange (NSE ) - Backbone of Indian Capital market
  6. Know more about OTCEI
  7. World famous USA Stock Exchange - NASDAQ
  8. GDRs And its Importance
  9. Why is American Depository Receipt (ADR) Needed?
  10. Venture Capital Fund and simplified it with Video tutorial
  11. Measurement of Risk and Returns Securities and Portfolios

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  2. Dear Vinaya first of all best of luck for your UGC Net examination , If you will hard work , you will surely clear this examination . Never fear from any question but start preparation from beginning of UGC exam. Also best of luck for SET exam . Soon I will publish research and business statistic question's answer , so wait for this .

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