Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basic Accounting Notes

  1. Accounting Education -
  2. Area of Accounting
  3. Future of Accounting Education
  4. Accounting Concepts and their importance
  5. Accounting Concept
  6. Accounting terminology
  7. 5 Benefits of Accounting Education
  8. Difference between book keeping and accounting
  9. What is accountancy?
  10. define the journal
  11. How can make the journal entries
  12. Trial balance and steps for making trial balance
  13. Different types of Expenses
  14. Simple income statement
  15. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  16. Making of Bank reconciliation statement by yourself
  17. Free accounting knowledge
  18. Relationship of accounting with other field
  19. Accounting cycle
  20. Depreciation and effect on final account
  21. Difference among depreciation, fluctuation and obsolescence
  22. How to make fixed asset account under fixed installment method
  23. Methods of providing depreciation
  24. What is provision of depreciation account?
  25. Diminishing balance method of providing depreciation
  26. Definition of Reserves
  27. Types of Reserves
  28. Calculation the credit purchase
  29. Difference between revenue and capital items
  30. Difference between capital loss and revenue loss
  31. Feature of revenue expenditures
  32. What are basic rules for making difference between capital and revenue expenditure
  33. What is deferred revenue expenditure?
  34. Definition of Drawing
  35. Some accounting terms
  36. calculations
  37. Definition of goodwill
  38. Personal accounting
  39. Theme of Accounting Education
  40. Accounting As an Information System
  41. Difference between Loan and Advance
  42. Relationship Between Accounting And Information Technology
  43. IASB proposes amendments to clarify the accounting for embedded derivatives
  44. Accounting Education
  45. Definition of Provision in Accounting

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